LLC “Techmorhydrostroy Mykolayiv” – dredging services

Who we are
LLC “Techmorgidrostroy Mykolaiv” is a company founded in 2009. Its main activity is “Water facilities construction”.
Our company is a participant at the dredging market. We provide dredging services to create and maintain a set of navigational dimensions at the active marine channels and harbor basins, as well as at the ones under construction, in order to ensure safe and effective operation of the transport fleet.
Maintenance of depths with dredging is a strategic direction of any marine infrastructure object operation.
Why choose us
Within 6 years at the dredging market, “Techmorgidrostroy Mykolaiv” has worked in the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk, LLC “MSP Nika-Tera”,” LLC “Eurovneshtorg”, as well as at the Bug-Dnieper Gulf Channel and the marine deep water navigable channel “Danube-Black Sea”.
In our work we choose vessels with high technologies and the ability to execute large scope of work. The same is applied to the crew: it is staffed with highly qualified specialists with dredging experience.